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Events Quick Start

Events Quick Start

The Events system in AtSite lets site users document what happened on site. The information is uploaded to WebEye, databased, and searchable. WebEye users can add m0re information, run reports and email information. It is similar to a full feature database that lets you track site issues and activities.

Events provide a valuable tool to track issues and to inform others quickly of isses that must be actioned.

Summary Of All Event Functions and Options.

This following is for quick understanding of Events, setting them up, using them.

  • All setups are done in WebEye.
  • Setups are downloaded to AtSite users when they next login to AtSite.
  • AtSite users can create Events only for “Enabled” Events according to the center they are setup for.
  • AtSite Events are easily configured in WebEye to trigger an email to selected recipients.
  • WebEye users can create Events, email Events, search for and view and add more information to Events.
  • Reports on Events can be scheduled for automatic generation and sending via email.
  • Events can’t be deleted.

Access control to WebEye Event functions for site staff and client logins

  • Go to “Manage Users” on the WebEye home screen.
  • Click on “List Site Users”.
  • At the top of the right hand side in “Facilities Module”, select Event options you want enabled. Click “Update” when done.

Add more information to an Event in WebEye

  • Click on “Manage Events”.
  • Search for the Event – then on the right hand side of the Event, click on “View”.
  • On the left hand side, add more information (text) or click on “Browse” to load an image.
  • Click “Add Note” when done – the new information is saved.

Can I see Events Graphically?

  • Yes. Go to “Reports” then click on “Location Attendance” report.
  • On the right hand side, a tick box enables showing Events on the screen as triangles overlaid on attendances.
  • For all of a center for one day, with the tick box ticked, just choose a center and a date then click on “Go”.
  • Alternatively choose a location over a date range to show what happened there.

Copy Event setups from one center to another in WebEye

  • Go to “Manage Centers”.
  • Select the center you want to copy another center’s setup into.
  • Click “View”.
  • At the bottom, click “List Center Events”.
  • At the top of the new page, click “Copy Events From Center” select the center, then click “Update” to copy.

Create an Event in AtSite

  • Events must be setup in WebEye before an AtSite user can create them.
  • In AtSite, when logging data, press the “Event” button.
  • Make sure the center and location are correct
  • Select the Event from the drop down list of all enabled Events.
  • Enter any text. Take an optional photo.
  • Press “Send” when done.

Create an Event in WebEye

  • Click on “Manage Events”.
  • Top right hand corner, click on “New Event”.
  • Enter details, import image, enter notes etc. Click “Add” when done.

Setup email automatically from an AtSite Event

  • The email is generated by WebEye according to setups done in WebEye.
  • All email addresses come from “Manage Recipients” on the WebEye home screen.
  • Click on “Manage Recipients” then click on “New Recipient”.
    • Add the name and optional center information, add the email address, click on “Create” when done.
    • Repeat for all email addresses required
  • Now setup Events for the center and setup recipients for individual events at the center.
  • Go to Manage Centers. Select the Center. Click on “View”.
    • At the bottom, click on “List Center Events”.
    • For each event, enable or disable it. Click on “Update” then the Recipients for an event can be selected.
    • Select one or many email recipients for an event. Add more recipients. Remove recipients.
    • Click update when done.

Email an event from WebEye

  • Click on “Manage Events”.
  • Search for the event – then on the right hand side of the Event, click on “View”.
  • On the right hand side, in the “Email Event” section – fill in the details – subject, recipients, contents.
  • Note the check box to include images or not.
  • Click “Send” when done. The Event, any notes and optional images will be emailed by WebEye.

Event Reporter

  • Go to “Reporting” from the home screen of WebEye.
  • Click on “Event Report”.
  • Setup the parameters. Center or all, date range, setup what Events, setup a scheduled report. Click “Go”.

Event Statistics report

  • Go to “Reporting” from the home screen of WebEye.
  • Click on “Event Stats” report.
  • Setup for the date range, Center, the type of event then “Go”.
  • The statistics are calculated using the SPA (Staff Patrol Area) so centers of different sizes can be compared.

Export Event data in CSV format

  • Click on “Manage Events”.
  • Search for the Events you want to export. Search enables the Export button at the top right hand corner.
  • Click on “Export” and then save the CSV file or open it.
  • This can be opened by Excel or similar.

Searching for an event

  • Click on “Manage Events”.
  • Select any of the fields for center, the location, the date range, the category of Event and a Event code. Search by any or all of these in any way.
  • Click “Search” when setups have been done.

Setup events for a center

  • If you want to automatically email recipients when an Event is created, firstly use Manage Recipients to add them to the system.
  • Go to “Manage Centers”.
  • Select the center you want to copy another center’s setup into.
  • Click “View”.
  • At the bottom, click “List Center Events”
  • Click on “Enable” or “Disable” to select which Events are valid for this center.
  • Use the “Copy Events From Center” to do that – use setups from another center.
  • Click “Update” – then recipients can be setup.
  • When finished, use the browser back button to return to View Center.

Setup staff patrol area (SPA)

  • This is used in the Events Stats report – to compare center to center.
  • Go to Manage Centers. Select the center and click on “Edit”
  • Input the number of square meters that staff patrol at this center. Click “Update” when done.

View an event details in WebEye

  • Click on “Manage Events”.
  • Setup the date or center and location, or event category and code.
  • Press search.
  • On the right hand side, click on the “View” link.
  • The screen shows all the event information.
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