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AtSite – Missing Data

AtSite Missing Data

Over the years that AtSite has been in use, these are the main factors causing either missing data, or delayed data.

  • Unsent data. Data may be in the device(s) unsent.
  • Not monitoring the system to make sure the system is being used.
  • Not Logging into AtSite at start of shift.
  • Losing Login Credentials so logging in to AtSite fails.
  • Not using Offline Login when the internet is down.
  • The local WiFi password is changed, users can’t login.
  • Not understanding Beacon ranges properly.

All these are easily understood, and easily avoided.

Unsent Data

If your internet is not working, or the logging devices can’t use it for some reason, then the data will be in the devices.

Same, if the “Offline Login” mode is used, then data will be stored in the device(s) until the internet is working again.

how do you check? Easy. When the device is logging data, see the “Unsent” records. Normally this will be zero or a few at most.

Not Monitoring Your Data

As soon as staff understand the data is valuable, your quantity and quality of data will improve.

Please consult with Elite-ID, use scheduled reports, run manual reports, highlight problem areas to staff. It is neither difficult nor time consuming. There are many reports to chose from, Elite-ID will help.

Conversely, showing it is not valuable will guarantee staff usage will fall off and data will not be what it should be.

Not Logging In

Occasionally staff forget. It is important to chase this down, to make it part of normal start of shift.

It is easy and fast. Credentials can be locked into AtSite (see the padlock on the screen). There is no need to enter anything.

Just press “Login” and then Apple users press “Begin Logging” -or- Android users begin logging immediately.

Note. We have an “Insufficient Logins” facility that will send an email if a site does not have enough users logged in at a set time.

Losing The Credentials

We provide the padlock icon on the login screen. This stops accidentally changing or losing the credentials. Please use it.

Occasionally a staff member will disable to padlock then lose the credentials. Some sites seem to go through this problem every now and then.

Elite-ID can reset a password quickly – please call for assistance. Client users of WebEye can edit AtSite user credentials.

Not Using Offline Login

Staff need to know that when the internet is not available, they should use “Offline Login” as this will log data into their devices. Data is not lost. It is just not uploaded to WebEye. Remember to logout at the end of shift.

In Offline mode, the “Unsent Records” number will increase. Data won’t be in WebEye for reporting.

When the internet is available again, just login to AtSite normally. Data will be uploaded automatically.

WiFi Issues

Occasionally someone resets a password, a WiFi device is changed or lost or updated. Suddenly staff can’t login to AtSite because the internet has not been configured.

Use Offline Login till this is fixed. Login normally when able.

If necessary, use a smartphone to create a temporary WiFi hot-spot you can use to upload data.

Not Understanding Beacon Ranges

iPhones, iPods, Android phones must receive the signal from a beacon more than once for it to be logged. This is a function of the device, outside of our control. Android is the fastest or most responsive.

If you have a short range beacon, you must ensure that staff are close enough and near it long enough to be registered. If they move too fast, they will be missed.

What does this mean by the range numbers?

  • Range o – is extremely short range and not recommended. The range is only 1 to 3 meters at most and staff must stand in the area for at least 2 seconds. It is easy to miss staff.
  • Range 1 – is better, the range perhaps 5 meters. Still, if mounted high and staff are moving quickly if can be problematic. Just check that it is not too short.
  • Range 2 – is good. We use this in malls in shopping centers. Range is about 10 meters, maybe a little more, and staff should not have difficulty being registered.
  • Range 3 – is ideal for a larger food court or major entrance.


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