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AtSite Pro

AtSite Pro

Available NOW. AtSite Pro is a rewrite of AtSite for iOS – Apple. It has the same new Events and Checklists systems as Android AtSite.

Management functions have not been implemented yet. These will be delayed. However, you can have both the original AtSite -and- AtSite Pro in your device at the same time if needed.

We’ve been using this new App for a few months and believe it is rock solid and ready for use.

What Are The Events and Checklists Features?

These functions are in AtSite for Android. AtSite Pro also has Events and Checklists.

Events lets your site staff quickly document things that happen on site. Issues. Example, blocked drains, spill pickups, slip and trip injury. HERE is a description.

Checklists let you customize a 10 option checklist that users can tick off as ‘done’ when they are at a location. Quick, simple, easy use. HERE is more information.

Why Not Just Update the original AtSite?

This is not a ‘Just’ thing. This is a major rewrite of AtSite in a new and better language. It gives us much more flexibility in the future.

AtSite Pro has been rewritten in a new language and with new features added. We’ve also changed the screens so doing an ‘simple’ update was not an option.

What Is Broken?

Nothing is broken. We may change a few of the screens for cosmetic reasons, but nothing major.

We’ll also do some small user interface tweaks. Again, nothing major.

Should We Update?

It is up to you. AtSite Pro logs data and works very well the same as AtSite has always done. The Events and Checklist systems ares new and work very well.

We believe it is worthwhile. Events add a valuable functionality. Many of our specialist cleaning clients, and security, can benefit from Checklists also.

Is This Going to Be Different to the Android Version?

No. It is extremely similar to the Android version.

However, we will add management functions from the original AtSite that are not in the Android version.

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