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Beacon Assign With WebEye

Assigning Beacons with WebEye

When you need to replace a beacon at a location, WebEye can be used.

First, use AtSite in management mode, scan, select the beacon to get the full serial number. This is the 8 digit number.

Basically, use the ‘Edit’ form for the location, then use the Assign Serial option. Enter the serial number, the product type and the date. Then press Update. Check by using the ‘view Serials’ option.

Steps To Assign A Beacon To An Existing Location

1. Get the beacon by itself, no other beacons nearby (ideally). If there are more than one beacon nearby, get really close. It will have the strongest signal.

2. Get AtSite into Management mode.

3. Select Management.

4. Select Scan.

5. Select the beacon.

6. A little down from the top is the heading for Serial. Below that is the 8 digit serial number. Something like 65537xxx

7. Get into WebEye

8. Go to Manage Centres. Select the Centre with View.

9. Select the location you want to assign the new Beacon to and press Edit.

10. Scroll down. There is a Checkbox for “Assign a Serial # to this Location; – Tick it

11. The form will expand.

12. First. Select the product type to “Beacon” – this is super critical.

13. In the Serial# filed above just type in the Beacon serial number from the iPod. Check it.

14. Set a prior date. Yesterday for example.

15. Click the Update button.

–done – This serial has been added to the location–

To prove it, on the list of locations, press the “view serials” option. This will show your new beacon serial assigned to the location.

As always – please contact Elite-ID for assistance. If you get the product type wrong then you must call Elite-ID for help.






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