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Cannot Parse JSON error

Cannot Parse JSON

We see this extremely rarely. In fact, just once! The error indicates that AtSite has connected to our WebEye server at login time, but WebEye response was either only partially returned, or did not return at all. The message happens usually with a ‘get token’ message – indicating that AtSite didn’t receive the WebEye information.

This is not a fault of AtSite. It happens because the internet is extremely poor for some reason.

What Does It Mean?

AtSite can’t login. You can;t log data, you can’t do anything.

What Do I Do?

The internet connection is extremely poor. It is not working properly. The best solution is to get another WiFi connection or do an offline login.

  1. Move to a different (better) location with more WiFi or 4G signal and try again.
  2. Hot-spot to a phone.
  3. Turn off WiFi/4G and do an offline login.

But I’m In A Shopping Centre! Its WiFi is great!

This is exactly where we saw this error.

We believe it is because the device has not registered and Logged-In properly to the shopping centre. Most shopping centres (the ones we have been to) all required you to register with an email address and a name (usually) then login before they’ll give you free internet.

If you have not done either – then we think this is the cause of this error.


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