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Cameras -vs- Attendance Verification

Using The Right Tools

The quality and quantity of shopping center cameras is often good enough to be used in slip and trip litigation. Over recent years they have improved markedly, and will continue to improve.

However, no matter how good they are, they cannot provide the benefits of attendance verification information from AtSite or the Classic Wand systems.

Our systems let you target your labor and then measure its performance. Simply.

Do Cameras Produce a measurement of performance?

No they can’t. Just being able to show a measure of performance, to give a simple return time number, to calculate the amount of time they meet contractual compliance requires an attendance verification system.

Management by cameras would mean spending an enormous amount of time viewing footage.

Can Cameras tell you which locations are being neglected?

They can if you view the video, for days and days. So no, they can’t do this practically. Attendance verification systems are ideally suited to this task. It is what they do. See the Elite-ID Main Reports, they will give you a quick snapshot, a statistical average, and an in depth analysis of your data depending on your needs.

Best of all, Elite-ID reports can be emailed automatically showing only those locations not meeting target. There are many options.

So. Will cameras help you manage your site labor?

No they won’t. It may be as simple as not having access to the video. Then, if you do get access to it, there is so much of it, it is impossible to quantify what is happening. Example; a large shopping center may have over 300 cameras. Let’s see you manage to view that data and make decisions from it.

Staff and management time is strictly limited. Elite-ID reporting targets what you want to see and makes it quick and easy to identify problem areas. Nothing can beat this.

How Long Is Camera Footage Available For?

This depends on the site – some may keep video recordings on line for month, then archive it in varying ways. After a few years it may be erased.

When public liability claims routinely arrive 5 years after an incident, data retention can pose significant problems.

Cameras are a great addition

Yes they are. They are a fall back. They help identify many things a wand system can’t identify, but equally, they can’t replace an effective attendance verification system.

Cameras can’t help you manage your staff. Elite-ID products can.

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