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Main Reports

We recommended these 4 main reports

Location Attendance – This is our “go to” report for a quick look at your data. It is graphical and shows you what has happened at a glance. Nothing could be quicker. It puts a spot on a location’s time line to show an attendance.

Risk Management – This produces a simplistic average of time divided by attendances to produce the average time between visits, called the ‘return time’. It is good for comparison, but it does hide what may be significant gaps.

Location Analysis – This is the best in-depth analytic report on your data. It has three options for calculation to suit your needs. It has a simple “hits” calculation, a much enhanced Return Time calculation, and a powerful Gap Analysis option. These, along with other features and options make it one of the best reports possible for your data.

Center Visits – This report is ideal for producing an exact running list of attendances at locations. It can be a lot of data to wade through, but for a slip and trip claim defense it is ideal. Every line on this report is one attendance, at a location, at the date and time shown. Filtering options are available for dates, times, users, wands, AtSite users, location, centers etc. IT is simple, powerful, precise.

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