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Center Visits Report

Center Visits Report

Center Visits is the go-to report to see precisely what happened. Select a center, a location of you want, maybe filter locations by your tags, setup a date and time range then Go. You will see a running list of attendances.

Nothing is hidden. This is what happened.

This report is ideal for producing an exact running list of attendances at locations. It can be a lot of data to wade through, but for a slip and trip claim defense it is ideal.

Every line on this report is one attendance, at a location, at the date and time shown. Filtering options are available for dates, times, users, wands, AtSite users, location, centers etc. It is simple, powerful, precise.

Last Visit Columns

We have had some users get confused over these columns. If the column is blank… it is an attendance.

The simple rule – if something is printed on this report, it is an actual attendance. The “last visit” columns may be blank, it just means the location was not visited prior this day. It was visited, at the date and time shown on the report line.

“Last Visit” – is the number of minutes since anyone visited this locastion. If blank, it is the first time of the day.

“User Last Visit” – is the number of minutes since the same wand or AtSite user on this line visited this day. If blank, it is the first time this day.

You will see that the columns will be blank at the start of day, which makes sense, since these will be the first visitsin the day and hence no number of minutes can be printed. Printing “0” would be wrong, as that would mean it was previously visited less than one minute ago.

When To Use This Report

There are a few standard use cases.

  • If you are trying to get the precise attendance information, maybe to a spreadsheet, then this report can do it (use CSV output).
  • Mobile security clients like this report for its simplicity and accuracy.
  • Slip and trip injury claims often use the data from this report as it is precise. Print it out for a few hours before a slip and trip injury for relevant locations, you have a precise history.

When Not To Use This Report

Not all reports suit all use cases. This report is great for detail. It can produce too much detail for some needs.

Trying to “manage” a busy cleaning site with this report would be difficult at best. There is a LOT of information. Rather, use Location Attendance / Location Analysis / Risk Management reports first. Then if you need to, drill down with this report.

Performance measurement is also dfficult with this report. There is just so much detail that you will be swamped with data. Use the other reports (as above) – they are much better for making performance calculations.

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