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EliteReporter Transition To Nexus-WebEye

Transition To WebEye

EliteReporter the PC based database system, ceased development in about 2010 when Nexus-WebEye in the Cloud became available. As result, the reports were never updated or expanded. Nexus-WebEye has more and better reports. This is why many users now choose to transition to WebEye.

Note. The data from Elite-ID Wand Systems is compatible! You will not lose data, and indeed, you get more and better reports and won’t have to backup your system any more. WebEye does this for you.

What Are The Benefits

You get better access to data. Being in the Cloud, WebEye can generate reports for any authorized user, anywhere, and Elite-ID can support you better. WebEye has many more facilities than EliteReporter. Many users do automated reporting, exception reporting, and give clients access.

  • It is easier, faster, safer, has more reports, expanded reports, and you can do more in less time,
  • You can give your clients access to WebEye reports – assign a login user name and a password, then assign centers and reports to them. Elite-ID will do this for you also,
  • Reports can be run and emailed automatically as HTML, PDF or CSV files,
  • It  is easier. After getting data with the Unloader program, another program uploads the file(s) to WebEye. Seconds later you can get reports,
  • Works better with remote sites. They upload directly to the Cloud, then a centralized management team can inspect and use the data. Sites can also benefit from the more and better reports. The internet is required of course,
  • Elite-ID offer much more support. We will setup iButtons/RFID tags for you, assign logins, setup email address, configure centers and locations. Just email us. We do it all,
  • We are updating Nexus-WebEye regulaly.

The Easy Way To Transition To WebEye

Contact Elite-ID. We usually suggest;

  1. Send a backup of C:\EliteData folder to us. All sub folders and files,
  2. Send a copy of C:\ProgramFiles\EliteID  folder to us (this may not exist in more recent installations). Send all sub folders and files,
  3. We will send you links to updated programs you install,
  4. We will send you a ‘token’ file that is used to upload data,
  5. We will setup everything for you; WebEye access, your centers, your iButton serials, everything. This may take a few days.

Never fear, we talk you through everything. It is quite straightforward. We have done it many times.

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