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WebEye AtSite Speed

How Do WebEye and AtSite Interact For Speed?

WebEye AtSite speed  is determined very much by a number of factors. There is no simple answer to this. There are a number of scenarios to select from.

AtSite Login

At Login time, a list of locations and beacons and other information is downloaded to AtSite from WebEye. This is why we recommend you set users to only have the centers allocated to them that they need. This also affects the AtSite Login/Logout report.

You won’t break WebEye or AtSite if you select all Centers for a user, but you will slow the login process down slightly. AtSite can handle thousands of centers and millions of locations.

The only problem is the internet. If your connection is slow, then it may time out. Since many of our clients login to AtSite where mobile reception is poor, limiting the amount of data is important.

AtSite Data Uploads

We limit the upload size of data to a few hundred records maximum per upload, every time interval of 2 minutes.

However, if you only have a few records, say 10 or 100 for example, they will of course all be sent in one batch.

If you don’t have internet connectivity during your shift and for example have 500 or more Records Unsent at the end of the day, these will be sent in only a few minutes.

This will rarely happen in normal operation.

AtSite detects when WiFi is available and will upload data when it can. For example, if a user has a many Records Unsent in an iPod and walks in range of WiFi, quickly a few hundred records will be uploaded. Then if they are in the area of the WiFi for a little longer, another upload will happen.

The only time this may be an issue is if Offline Login Mode has been used and there are thousands and thousands of records in many iPods pending upload. In this case it may take more time to upload all iPods and all records. We have heard of cases of about 30,000 records unsent in a dozen iPods taking an hour or two to upload them all.

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