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WebEye Upload Speed

How Fast Is WebEye at Uploading Logs?

WebEye speed – this is a broad general question. The answer differs according to circumstances;

Sending a file into WebEye is quick. If you have a dozen or more files, each of 10,000 records, they can and will be accepted one a second. After uploading they go into a queue, a holding pattern, then are loaded into the reporting databases one at a time. This can take a little longer.

For small upload files of a few thousand records, your data will be loaded into Webeye’s databases quite quickly. Usually a few seconds after uploading it will be available for reporting.

However, if there are many files then it can take longer. We have seen uploads of a hundred or more files, each of many thousands, take a half hour or longer.

So the answer to the question really does depend on what is happening. If you are timing how quickly data is sent to WebEye, this is fast. If you are timing small uploads and seeing a report on them, this is also fast. If you upload a million records spread out over a few hundred files, this takes longer.

Yes, we have uploaded millions of records to test the system. It works.

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