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Quick Understanding Your Data

WebEye Reports for Quick Understanding

The very best webeye report for a quick understanding of your data is the “Location Attendance” report.

Just select a date, a center, then “Go” and you see a graphic image that is quick and easy to understand; a spot on the page for a location at a time is an attendance.

If there are Events on this date, then they will be shown as Triangles. This helps you understanbd what happened and where.

Additionally, you can schedule this report to email you daily or weekly. You can then just open the email to see your data.

Other Reports We Recommend

The “Risk Management” report is a simple report we recommend, so long as its shortcomings are understood. This report counts attendances in a time frame, then calculates the average time between attendances. This is an indicator of risk, but it also shows the number of attendances that happened. It can be easily compared from week to week. Note that gaps between attendances which may be large, are not part of the calculation.

Location Analysis” report is a much more in-depth report that uses more and better calculation techniques to measure performance. Use this to get deeper knowledge, more precise indicators of risk and staff attendances.





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