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Location Attendance Colours

Location Attendance Report Colours

Location Attendance Report is an ideal graphical report for a quick understanding of staff attendances. It puts dots onto the report to show an attendances.

Attendances dots are square. If you see triangles on the report, these are Events.

The report colours data according to the type of attendance and also the type of logging device. The Location attendance colours are designed to make the report quick and easy to read.

We are regularly asked, “What do the coloured spots mean” – so here is the answer.

GREEN – is shown when a staff member walks into an area.

RED – is shown when they walk out.

BLUE – is shown if they stay in the area for 5 minutes.

BLACK is an iButton (manual touch point) reading.

Why is it mostly Red?

The time scale of the report means it puts a Green on the report first as that happens first… then the staff member leaves the area a few seconds to a minute later so the Red is put onto the report and that covers the green hence you see mostly red spots.

On the left hand side at the bottom of the setup form you can select a smaller time range to let you zoom in. This will expand out the data, and you’ll see more green spots.


We chose the location attendance colours to try to make it simple to understand your reports.

Expect to see mostly Reds unless the time scale is stretched or your staff spend significant time at locations.

We sometimes see “blue” dots for repeats as a result of extended morning cleans at entrances and esacalators etc.

Triangles are for Events. You can disable these with a check-box on the setup form.

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