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Caring for your Radio Wand

Radio Wand Care

Radio Wand Care is not onerous or difficult. Since 2003 Radio Wand has been in use in hundreds of shopping centres. It is a reliable and good performer but it does require some basic care in its use.

Try not to drop it – The wand and most of the electronics are very robust and the occasional drop won’t greatly hurt the wand. However the radio antenna is internal to the wand and if this is bent, the wand will not be able to receive signals from PipTags and Pulsars so your attendances will reduce.

Charge it at least 10 hours a day – The little battery does require a long time of charge. You cannot run 2 shifts in a day with one wand – you need a swap over wand. There is just not enough charge time when it has been run for over 16 hours between charges.

Keep it out of pockets and water – sweat in trouser pockets is a slow killer for Radio Wands. Water is the same but quicker. It gets into the box, and will eventually eat out tracks on the circuit board. This is the worst problem for Radio Wand and may make them unrepairable.

Clean the probe occasionally – If you are logging iButtons, the probe will get dirty and you should clean the radio wand probe every few months. Clean dry steel wool is ideal. This will help the probe make contact with an iButton and will read more easily.

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