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Caring For Your XL-Data Wand

XL-Wand Care

XL-Wand has a huge battery life and is robust. Probably few other electronic devices require as little care as XL Wands.

Wand Care is Simple and Easy

  • Charge your XL-Wand at least once a week for 8 hours.
  • Keep the probe clean. If it gets dirty, it will not read an iButton as well.
  • Keep the XL-Data wand dry, it is not waterproof.

** If you are not using your XL-Wand DO charge it regularly. If it goes flat the battery will be damaged and may not restart properly. The real time clock will reset to year 2000.

*** Flat XL-Data Wands are not uncommon – staff forget to charge them and eventually they fail. Just charge them once a week!

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