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Charging Your Wands

Charging Your Wands

The rechargable batteries used in Eite-ID products have a long safe life. They do require regular charging.

Radio Wands

These need about 10 hours charge after being used all day.

A new fully charged Radio Wand will last approx 30 hours on a charge – then it will need approx 12 hours to recharge. Using just for, from example, 8am till 9pm, an overnight charge to 8am the next morning is fine. We charge the batteries gently to get the maximum battery life.

XL-Data Wands

These have an extraordinarily long battery life. Charge them once a week for approx 8 to 10 hours.

We recommend charging every week.


If a Wand goes flat, the clock will stop and you must touch it onto an XL-Unloader to reset the clock. This is important.

To reset the clock in your Wand, touch it onto an XL-Unloader, Make sure Unloader has a good date and time in it.

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