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AtSite New User

AtSite New Users – Brief Information

AtSite is the logging App that you use in a phone or iPod to record the signals from Beacons spread around an areasuch as a shopping center.

Beacons are small boxes affixed to locations such as walls or ceilings. They send out a signal that the AtSite App listens for and then sends to Nexus-WebEye in the cloud.

Next-WebEye stores these signals and databases everyting for you. you can run reports, analyze data – do lots of things with Webeye.

Installation is easy;

  1. Install Beacons at your site
  2. Install AtSite, configure it, start logging
  3. Check your data with reports. Checkout best practices.
  4. Think about Events and Checklists

Installing Beacons

We recommend installing these at least 3m off the floor. This reduces pilferage. Use a small step ladder.

Avoid installing on metal surfaces if possible. It will reflect the signal or stop it in some directions.

It is best to install using double sided tape, onto white surfaces. The beacons will blend in and be less obtrusive.

Installing AtSite App

For Apple – here is a link.

For Android MAKE SURE your phone is Bluetooth 4 or better. Here is a link.

Basically – download the App from the App store.


  • Use Settings in your device to allow it to use Camera, Location Services, Storage, Bluetooth and WiFi (may already have done so in location services).
  • MAKE SURE it is allowed to work in Background. Sometimes this is called Background App Refresh or similar.
  • MAKE SURE it is not battery optimized (meaining it can be turned off whenever the phone feels like it).
  • You will get credentials. There is a Client-ID, a username, and a password.
    • Install these into the App
    • THEN PADLOCK them into the app. This prevents them from being accidentally being lost.

Common Problems

  • Forgetting to press “Begin Logging” on Apple.
  • Losing WiFi or 3G/4G coverage and then not bothering to login. Use Offline Login!!!
  • Losing the credentials because they were not padlocked.
  • Not getting the settings right. Did you “beackground refresh enable” and disable battery optimization? Are location services on?

Checking Your Reports

You’ll need a login to WebEye (this is different to the AtSite logins and vice versa)

Then go to the Reports section.

Here is a link to the main reports.

Best Practices…Checking your data is super important. We can’t stress that strongly enough.

There are many reports. Please scan the knowledge base and/or call Elite-ID

Events and Checklists

AtSite app has an Events and a Checklists button on the logging page.

Events can be used to document things that happen on site – like spill pickups, maintenance issues, almost anything that happens on site. Here is a link. We think it is a really worthwhile feature.

Checklists let staff tick off items that are done and save that to WebEye. It is ideal for washroom servicing – anything that has a checklist. Here is an article.





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