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Common Myths

Putting In A Wand System is all we need to do

With 20 years of experience there are some promises we can make you:

  1. Unless you Supervise the system it will not be used properly.
  2. Unless you show you value the data, it will not be used.
  3. Staff will lose focus, not see the value in the system if you forget about it.
  4. If the system is not used properly, data will not be available when you need it.

Putting it plainly; if you are not going to supervise your data, do not put in a Wand or AtSite system. Sorry. We’ve seen this far too often. You will be disappointed.

Here are some great excuses we hear

I don’t need to see reports

How many ways can we say this is a bad idea?

Unless you put emphasis on your data it will either be poor, or become poor.

“The boss does not care” is the best possible excuse staff can get to stop them using a system.

How Do I Supervise My Data? What reports to I use? I don’t have time!

Make time. It does not take much time. There is an easy solution.

Run a scheduled report for each week, WebEye will email it to you each week. Nothing to do. Just open the email.

Use Location Attendance report to get a picture of your data.

Use the Location Analysis report. Check how many compliant/non compliant locations you have and just a glance will tell you how well or poorly you are going.

Then lift the phone! Call, make staff realize if they don’t use the system and get good reports you will call them and ask why.

The Staff Will LOVE using the system

Staff seldom like Wand systems, even AtSite. It is one more thing to do.

In truth, the AtSite System is brilliant and quick and easy for staff to use. It is a lot easier than the button type systems. But you must log in and begin logging. If staff find this onerous (pressing 2 buttons) then there is something wrong.

We Don’t worry about Performance, we just use it for Public Liability

This is not helpful. It is two completely contradictory statements; good performance means you have good data. If you don’t try to get good performance, you won’t get good data and its value for public liability will be limited to poor.

If you don’t use the system and put focus on it, we can promise you that one day (usually soon) you won’t have the data you need.

Wands Never Go Flat

Staff forget to charge the XL-Wand for months and months and it keeps going. Then it dies and we get a look of surprise or anger or whatever.

Charge your wands! They do need it!!

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