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WebEye Example Usage Scenarios

WebEye – How It Works – Overview

Data from AtSite that tracks your staff is automatically uploaded to Nexus-WebEye in the cloud. Classic Wand system data may be uploaded from site into WebEye.

WebEye provides controlled access to data to all stake holders.

Data may be staff attendances or Event information from staff documenting site issues, problems, instructions or other information.

Classic Wand system users empty their Wands then upload data into Nexus-WebEye.

Later, automatic or manual reports are run to analyze and show performance.

The Events System

Staff using AtSite can record and document issues, Events, on site as they happen. These can be spills cleanup, security issues, any of a wide number of types of information. These may trigger an automatic email, and all are stored in WebEye for later access.

The Manage Events facility in WebEye provides searching, filtering, viewing, emailing, adding more notes and images to events.

Daily Data Check

Reports can be setup for scheduled sending via email. For example, an Automated Report can email a PDF Location Attendance report to site staff. This graphical report at a glance shows just what is happening with your site.

Another automated report is the Location Analysis report. This has options for different methods of data analysis, and can email reports only on locations not meeting expectations, or on all locations.

Weekly Data Check

The Risk Management report gives an indication of performance . It is simple to understand and read.

Run the Location Analysis report can be configured to suit your industry. It may be set to show only non-compliant locations.

These reports can all be sent automatically.

Client Access To Data

If your client wants to see your performance data, whenever they want, this can be done with WebEye.

Assign your clients a “Site” login. You can select what sites they have access to, and what reports and data they can see.



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