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Elite-ID Glossary Of Terms

Elite-ID Glossary of Terms

AtSite – An App written by Elite-ID for iPod / iPhone / Android.

Attendance. See “Hit” below.

Back Of House. Areas not normally associated with where members of the public access. Example docks, passage ways behind tenancies.

Compliant. A compliant location meets all your performance criteria. For example, you want 3 hits in a time range, then if it is compliant, they will have been recorded.

Core Trade. This is the times of day when a site is fully staffed and the site is operating normally (ie trading) and fully. It may not be when the doors are open. For example the doors may be open at 7am for some of the major retailers, and you only have a small number of staff present. Usually core trade starts at 9am and finished at 17:30 on a Monday for example.

We name a time profile (see below) in all centers as Core Trade. A future report may demand this.

Extended Trade. These are times when you may not have a full staff roster, and the site may not be operating fully. For example, before normal trade. This is usually the name of a profile. Note, a future report may require a profile of this name.

Hit. An attendance. A record of someone attending a location at a date and time.

Loop Time. See Return Time. Same.

Non-Compliant. A location is non-compliant if it fails any of its requirements. For example, a location may have a great return time, but you have specified a maximum gap of 30 minutes. If will be non-compliant if are any gaps between attendances greater than this.

Return Time. The average number of minutes between attendances in a date and time range.

Time Profile. A means to specify times and days of the week along with performance criteria you set. It is a way to tailor the way you analyze data and can save that analysis method to use over and over again.

Wand. A small data logger, used to record time of staff attending locations.

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