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Core Trade Time Profile

Core Trade Is An Important Time Profile

Time profiles let you specify start and finish times (2 of them) when you want to analyze data, by day of the week. You can also specify 2 types of performance for each time range (hits and return time). Core Trade is something Elite-ID defined as when your site is fully staffed and open to the public.

We define the “Core Trade” time profile as specifying when you are 100% staffed and the site is open for normal trade.

For example, many shopping centers open at 9am then shut at 5:30pm on a Monday. They are different on many days of the week. Time profiles let you specify this by day of the week to suit your center. You can have 2 sets of start-finish times so you can not include times when staff may be on breaks (for small single person sites).

During Core Trade you have a certain performance requirement (example, 20 minute return time). Outside these times, performance will be different – and you will probably have fewer staff – and the locations you want to analyze will be different.

Why Do Time Profiles Matter?

Time Profiles are important for the Risk Management report, and the Location Analysis report in 2 ways.

  1. The number of minutes are calculated between the start and finish times in the date range.
  2. The attendances (hits) are counted between the start and finish times. If an attendance is 1 second or more outside the time profile range, it will not be counted.

These reports use the times in the profile for the analysis. If you include times when you are not fully staffed, you won’t have the attendances and your report will look poor. It will not be correct.

What about Early Morning Trade?

Are you fully staffed? Is the site fully open and operating? No? Then this is NOT Core Trade.

Remember, we calculate by dividing the number of hits into the number of minutes. If you are not fully staffed in times you use in the Time Profile, then you won’t have the hits and your performance will not look good.

We would actually call early morning opening, or late night opening to be Extended trade. You can create a profile for this and use different performance values.


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