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Configure XL-Memory Unloader

Configure XL-Memory Unloader

Each Unloader box can be used on any site, anywhere. The only configuration required is to make sure the internal clock is set correctly. So, no need to configure an XL-Unloader when it changes site.

All other configurations are done in the PC software. These setup the site name, user name, and WebEye uploading.

How Is The Clock Set?


  1. Connect the Unloader to power. Make sure it has a red flashing led.
  2. Connect the PC to the Unloader.
  3. Start the PC program called “XL-Unloader”
  4. At the bottom of the control panel, click on Set Clock – then OK. DONE!

The XL-Unloader has a dedicated clock chip and its own separate backup battery. The backup battery is NiMh (not lithium) and is recharged when the unloader has a red flashing led.

Accuracy of the clock in the unloader depends on component tolerances. The timing crystal specification says 20ppm/degree-c different from 20 degrees c. This means about 3 seconds a day variance. We have seen Unloaders with pretty much zero time difference and other with a few seconds a day.

We strongly recommend updating the clock each time the PC software is used. You can then be sure your unloader is correct. We keep an audit trail of changes.

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