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Testing A Radio Wand

Testing Radio Wands

When we test a radio wand, there are some simple procedures we follow. Here is an itemized and detailed checklist along with suspected faults.

  1. Put the wand on Charge
    1. The LED on the end should light up. If not
      1. Check the charge socket ius not broken or damaghed.
      2. Check that the plug pack charger is switched on (it has its own led).
  2. Observe the Fault and Data Leds
    1. From flat, the Data and the Fault/Battery leds will “wig wag” alternate when the Radio Wand Resets. This should happen once. This is the reset indication.
      1. If it repeats 2 or 3 etc times, then it means the battery was very flat. It should stop after a minute at most
    2. The Fault led will probably flash on about 1 second intervals.
      1. This usually means the Real Time Clock was reset. Touch onto an Unloader to set the clock.
      2. It is possible the Wand is full of data. Keep it touched onto the Unloader to empty it.
    3. If the Fault Led is on for about 10 seconds, then off for about 10 seconds.
      1. This means the CPU crystal is damaged and requires repair.
    4. If the Fault/Battery and the Data Led are repeatedly flashing – the reset indication – time after time
      1. This usually means the battery is dead and can’t get enough charge to sustain the wand properly.
    5. After touching onto an Unloader to reset the clock and empty any data, the fault led should not be flashing.
  3. Charge for 12 hours
    1. A flat battery takes quite a while to restart the chemical reaction properly and charge up again.
  4. After charging, observe how long the Wand battery works for.
    1. We expect about 30 hours run time from a fully functional new battery
    2. After about 12 months this may be down to 24 hours
    3. After about 2 years we would expect about 20 hours, maybe a little less depending on how it has been used.
    4. If the wand has been allowed to go dead flat for a long time, then it may be much less than 20 hours.
  5. Touch onto an Unloader to Extract data and reset the clock. Always do this after taking off charge.
    1. After charging – touch onto an unloader to extract data.
      1. If there is a very fast flashing of the Red Unloader led and data is not extracted, it means the wand has lost its serial number and needs repair.
      2. If there is a lot of data in the wand, it can take 5 minutes to empty.
      3. After this the fault led should NOT be flashing.
    2. Empty the Unloader.
      1. If there are a LOT of ‘Stuck Or Faulty Clock’ records – hundreds – then the Wand is faulty.
      2. If there are a LOT of ‘Wand Resets’ – hundreds- then the Wand is faulty. Wands reset when flat so we expect a few. Not hundreds.
  6. If the Data led is flashing.
    1. This may be because there is a PipTag or a Pulsar in proximity. Take these a long way away, 20 meters or more, and the data led should stop.
    2. Is it the reset indication? If so and you are getting many of them, the wand needs repair.
  7. After discharge testing the wand, put back on charge.
    1. If the battery as ok, then recharge it and send to site.
    2. Make sure the clock is keeping good time. Use the Unloader diagnostics for this.

As always, please contact Elite-ID and we’ll help you.

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