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Data Retention Policy

WebEye Data Retention Policy

Elite-ID Electronic Systems endeavour to keep your data safe and to make it available to authorized users for a minimum of seven (7) years.

As of July 2019, data has not been deleted from WebEye – and hence data from inception in 2019 is still available. We do not have any intention of changing this no-delete policy.

This is a highly valuable service in the event of litigation or other demands for historical staff tracking and attendance data. It may be used in litigation and insurance claims or as proof of work done for billing.

The Ability To Change Or Delete Data

Nexus-WebEye by Elite-ID Electronic Systems has been designed to not delete or lose data. It is backed up to secure data center storage. Indeed – user access to data is such that data cannot be deleted, or changed. Once data records hit WebEye, they are static and invarying. The only access to logged attendance data stored in WebEye is via reports.

The Events system allows data to be added to the system. This does not, and cannot, change or delete existing data in the system. This facility is designed to add to the managemehnt ability to document events and keep a running records of events. All Event data is date-time stamped.

The Cost Of Storage – and Non-Storage

Since inception of WebEye in 2019, the cost of data storage has dropped regularly and significantly.  Cost is now no longer a reason to not store data.

That said, we pull in hundreds of millions of records a year, year in, year out and it adds up. It is still cheap to store.

What is the cost of not storing data? Huge. If there is a need for the data for litigation or insurance then you need the data. We take that seriously.


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