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Free Data Storage and Backup

Free Data Storage

Summary : We will backup your legacy Elite-Reporter data for you. In the future, if you have a claim against this data, we will assist in running reports. Storage is a free service to our clients, and reporting is costed at our casual labour cost.

In 1999 Elite-ID Electronic Systems released the “Elite-Reporter” product. This uses a relational database in a PC to store attendance data. Then in 2009 the Nexus-WebEye system was released so data could be stored in the cloud.

Thousands of sites have been using Elite-Reporter. Many have backups, many also do not. Please consider using our FREE service.

Our data retention policy is simple – we don’t delete!

Why Use This Service?

There are a few very good reasons to use our service.

It is Free. We make multiple backups of your data, burn to DVD, store on local hard disks, and back it up to the cloud.

We Have The Hardware and Software.  Legacy data from Elite-Reporter uses the BDE (Borland Database Engine) which can be difficult to install on 64 bit computers. Then it requires some configuration. We have all that ready and available – for precisely the reason of running client data reports.

We Know How To Use It. If your staff who know how to use Elite-Reporter leave, how will you be able to access the data? Do you know which reports? We will help you in this. We wrote the software, designed the reports- we are experts with Elite-Reporter.

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