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EliteReporter File Locations

EliteReporter and File Locations

Developed in 1998, EliteReporter was the Elite-ID database and analysis system used in PCs. As of 2018 it is still in use. The File Locations where EliteReporter stores its data changed in about 2010 when Windows changed to 64 bit operating systems.

Many users have legacy data they need to extract reports from on occassion. They may also need to backup their systems as they transition to Nexus-WebEye.

File Locations

The databases are always in a folder called “db”



However, it is prudent to backup ALL files and folders in C:\EliteData and in C:\ProgramFiles\EliteID

Backing Up Legacy Systems & running reports

Copy everything from the above locations. All files and all folders within.

If you need to later run reports, you have it all. You must re-install EliteReporter or you can send a copy of your backup to Elite-ID for us to run your reports for you.

Rebuilding a broken DB folder

If the PC crashed, was reset or malfunctioned, files in the DB folder can be corrupted.

If you have saved ALL your files from C:\EliteData then it is easily possible that you can rebuild all your DB files and can run reports again. The system is remarkably robust and it has some fail safes for exactly this reason.

For rebuilding, all the files in “UnloadedData” and in “UnloadedData\Archive” are vital, as is whatever can be salvaged from the “db” folder. For this reason, always backup everything, not just the “db” folder.

Please call Elite-ID for assistance. Usually we can recover data for you.

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