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iButtons are small Serial Numbers inside a stainless steel can

iButtons are an ideal device to uniquely label locations that staff must patrol. Each has a unique serial number and can’t be duplicated.

iButtons are a small robust stainless steel device that contains a serial number inside a silicon chip. When a wand is touched onto it, the silicon chip wakes up and passes the serial number back to the wand. Since the serial number is unique and secure, a staff member must have been where the iButton is placed to create the data record.

Elite-ID data wands read the serial number of an iButton, then store it with the date and time into the memory of the wand. Later the data is uploaded into WebEye then reports can be used to show attendance and other information.


Long life. iButtons developed in the early 1980’s are still working now. So long as they are not physically damaged they continue to work. The actual life of an iButton is not known, they have not been failing unless they are damaged in some way.

Unpowered. This means there is no battery to replace in them. The data wand that reads the iButton provides all the energy required to read the iButton.

Robust. iButtons are made of stainless steel. They can be cleaned with a solvent or steel wool. Out in the open they are waterproof and not damaged by normal environmental factors.

Simple. They really are simple! Just affix to a location, program the serial number into WebEye and you are good to go. Elite-ID can assist with that. Staff only need to touch their wand onto the iButton to read its serial number. Equally simple to use.


Occasionally an iButton may get grease or dirt on its front. This makes it difficult to read with a wand. Just clean with a solvent and even a razor blade to scrape off any thick dirt.

Deploying an iButton near a road intersection may cause exhaust fumes or brake dust to collect on its surface. Clean as above.

Affixing iButtons (gluing)

We recommend Liquid Nails Original. This is a gray/brown color and is ideal for affixing iButtons to most surfaces.

Do not use fast-grab or clear Liquid Nails. These are not waterproof.

Some clients have used Tarzans Grip and similar.

Do NOT use super-glues. These crystallize and the iButton will later fall off. Also, getting any super glue on the iButton front will stop the wand from making a connection and make using the iButton difficult.

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