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eMIT – Automatic Wand Unloader

eMIT is an automatic data wand unloading device developed by Elite-ID Electronic Systems in approx 2005.

For radio wands in proximity, it will empty data from them when they are up to about 5 meters away. Software in the PC will then extract the data and make it available for WebEye. Storage capacity for the eMIT internally is 16,000 records.

The software can be downloaded here.


Internal realtime clock (not battery backed) – set by PC and used to update Radio Wands

Extract data from nearby wands. Approx 5 meter max range. Automatically.

Store and buffer data for later extraction by a PC.

Operates in one of 2 modes, set by software in the PC.

  1. Audit Mode. Running the “Artie” program selects this mode.
    1. It does not empty wands.
    2. It flashes the Working Led quickly.
    3. Radio Unload led flashes when a PipTag or Pulsar signal is received
    4. It listens for PipTags and Pulsar devices then passes the information to the PC for display and analysis.
  2. Radio Unload Mode. Running the eMIT program sets this mode (it is remembered in NV memory).
    1. Empties up to 64 wands in proximity
    2. Resets Wand real time clocks from internal clock (set by PC)
    3. Stores 32,000 Wand records internally.
    4. eMIT software empties data form the box into the PC for passing to WebEye – later.
    5. Can operate without a PC program running.
      1. Just run eMIT program to put into the correct mode and set the clock
      2. Exit eMIT program
      3. eMIT box will keep emptying nearby wands till it fills its internal memory (32,000 records)
      4. Later you can run the eMIT program to empty the box.
      5. The File- Get Data option can be used to send the data to WebEye immediately.

Connect to a PC using a USB cable. PC Driver required : CP2102 from SiLabs. Download here.

Indicators – 5 off.

  • Touch Unload. Flashes when a data wand is touched onto the connector can.
  • Radio Unload. Indicated data being extracted from a radio wand -or- receiving data from a PipTag
  • PC Unload. PC Upload led lit when the PC polls the device for data.
  • Fault. FAULT led lit when clock not set or full.
  • Working. Slow flash for Radio Unloading mode – fast flash for Audit mode.

Software Install.

Installation is quick and easy. Just get a copy of the program, run it, then select a few options, and set the site name.

  1. Get a copy of the EMIT.EXE program from here.
  2. Just load it into a programs folder, or anywhere.
  3. Make a desktop icon, put it into the autorun folder etc.
  4. Run it. It does not have an installer. Just run the ‘EXE’ file.
  5. Give it the name of the site. Do this FIRST!!!
  6. Permissions required.
  7. It creates some folders inside “C:\EliteData” folder.
    1. If they have full read/write/create/delete permissions there, all good.
  8. It will try to find the COM port. It should find the eMIT box if it is connected and it has a driver.
    1. It does require a driver. Check in Hardware System settings if a USB device is not recognized
    2. CP2102 is the driver from SiLabs. HERE it is.
  9. Once it finds the COM port it will start downloading data – you’ll see a record counter incrementing.
  10. Set it up for 8 hour uploads to WebEye. Non critical. Whatever you want – but 8 hours is usual and I see them 8am, 4pm and midnight etc.

Tricks and tips and notes

  1. EMIT software uses very little CPU time. It can be left running.
  2. It regularly asks the PC for date and time information. If the PC has a major problem then it may upload a bad date and time (like last year etc) and this has caused
  3. We have had troubles with rubbish PCs in the past. <<– 2nd hand PC’s in particular.
  4. If you exit the progam, so long as the cable is connected to a USB port it will be powered up and will extract data. This is not a bad thing at all.
  5. The software constantly empties the eMIT box to the PC ionto a temp file then moves this is the WebEye\OutBox on a schedule you set.

If there is ANY CONCERN with the software locking up or failing in any way, just tun the eMIT software once a day then exit it.
There is a manual upload option in the menus to send data ‘now’ and not wait for a schedule. This was put this in so we could test and see what’s happening.

As always, please call for support.

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