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Events Stats

Extracting More Information From Event Data

The Events system in AtSite and Nexus-WebEye allows users to quickly and easily add informaiton into the system about issues or as we call them ‘Events‘ into WebEye. The Events Stats report is meant to help extract value from the system by showing Events by types, frequencies and ratio of events to the size of your center.

Events Stats implements Elite-ID developed methods of analyzing and understanding Event and Location Attendance data.

Extracting Value Using Events Stats

Select a center or all centers. Then selete when youwant to run this report for. Press Go.

The report will then be generated. It will show each type of event, the numbers of them, and the number of events per 1000 square meters of floor space.

What is E/000 ?

This column shows the average number of events per 1000 square meters or your patrolled floor space.

Patrolled floor space is where your staff attend. It does not include tenancies, or CMO office space etc.

The value of this is that you can compare small and large centers with a little more “like for like” by averaging the number of events into the space that your staff patrol.

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