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OH&S Issues

OH&S Issues with AtSite and Wand Systems

OH&S (Occupational Health And Safety) is something that must concern all users of all eqipment be it electronic, mechanical or other.

Many electronic devices emit some kind of radio signals. Of particular concern is that ‘Radio Exposure’ is limited to all users of all equipment and that the types of radio signals generated are safe and comply with OH&S regulations.

Wand Systems

XL-Wands do not radiate radio signals. They are incapable of generating emissions that affect users. In fact, XL-Wands stop all electrical operation unless they are actually reading a button or unloading and then, when they do wake up, they do not generate radiation.

Radio Wands have a radio receiver in them. They listen using a type of TRF receiver. They do not radiate. They do not send any data. As such and again, they are incapable of generating any damaging fields or emissions.

The only OH&S consideration for Wand systems is to ensure that the pouch does not rub or cause skin irritation from movement against the human body.


AtSite is an App for smartphones and iPods. It receives information from beacons which are small Bluetooth devices.

Exposure to AtSite App runing in a smartphone or iPod will not cause adverse effects. It listens for signals from beacons, and those signals are very low in intensity. In fact, the signals from beacons are usually less than 1 milliwatt and only pulse for a few milliseconds each second. Beacons are also mounted high on a wall or ceiling so proximity is strictly limited.

By contrast and much greater, the signals from common domestic and commercial WiFi devices are usually in excess of 100 milliwatts and radiating for much longer times.

When AtSite uploads data to the internet using mobile data or WiFi, the time of transmission is very short so exposure is very low. By contrast, using a smart phone pressed to the ear has a higher exposure by comparison.


Beacons have been tested at their absolute maximum and constant output radiated power to be safe for human exposure.

Since this power level is seldom used and Beacons are affixed to distant wall and ceilings, and do not radiate constantly, Beacons do not pose an OH&S risk.

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