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FAQ – WebEye

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WebEye?

It is a website in the Cloud that data from AtSite and Wand Systems gets uploaded into. It stores the data then has many reports for analyzing that that. Reports can be generated automatically or on demand.

Elite-ID has been developing their reporting since 1999 and so WebEye has industry leading analytic reports.

Where is WebEye located?

It is in a professional secure data center with redundant power, internet, automated backups.

How Fast Is WebEye?

We’ve seen clients push 300,000+ records into WebEye from classic wand systems as a block of uploads. It takes about a half hour to process them. This is extreme.

For small uploads of a few thousand to a few tens of thousand records, it can take seconds and up to a minute to process data.

WebEye is being blocked by my companies firewall. Help!

Get your I.T. department to call us. See the contact form. We’ll tell them about WebEye and why you need it. WebEye has a static I.P. address which will please them.

We cannot circumvent your firewalls. They are critical to your information security. Your I.T. department are the best people to deal with this. Our WebEye system is being used by major shopping center management companies, hospitals, casinos; they all updated their firewall for WebEye.

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