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Beacons – How Do I Move One?

Why Move a Beacon?

Moving a Beacon lets you re-use it at a different site.

You may want to move a beacon because it is no longer required at the location where it is installed. You may have lost the contract, you may just not need the beacon at that location any more and want to place the bwacon into your spare stock.

Moving a Beacon

The best way is:

1. Request Elite-ID Renumber the beacon in it’s old position. We change the serial number of logged data and configurations in WebEye so that the beacon now becomes free for you to setup as if it were a new beacon. This only takes a few minutes.

2. Use AtSite in Manager mode and assign the beacon as if it were a new beacon. This is by far the best method.

You can still run reports on the old location – but data will not be logged for it from the date of installation at the new location.

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