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Manage Users – User Types and Functions

WebEye has 3 types of users

Client Users

These are a high level type of user that is intended to be only used by tech support and management to manage the system and all other types of user.

These are the most highly privileged type of WebEye user. Do not share this kind of user access. These users can setup and alter centers, add locations, assign serials or beacons, change location and center names, setup time profiles. These are powerful users.

They can create the same type and all other types of user.

The only things Client users cannot do is assign credit to an AtSite user, and add new wands into the system.

These users can set the centers and the reports that Site users can see and do.

These users can create AtSite users, assign them to locations, set their username and password – but cannot assign credit.

Staff Users

These can only run selected reports for selected centers. Client Users can set these users up, set centers and reports they can use.

These types of users are ideal for site managers, for clients of yours wanting access to their data, to anyone who just wants to see selected sites and selected centers.

AtSite users

These users can only perform logins on AtSite app in your logging devices. They cannot login to WebEye.

Client users can create and maintain AtSite users (but not assign credit). Centers can be assigned to them by Client users, and the username and password setup to suit.


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