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FAQ – Wands

FAQ Wand – Frequently Asked Questions

Since 1998 we have been building, selling and servicing wands, also known as Data Wands.

What is A Wand?

This was a name that stuck, for no good reason, to a data logger used by staff to record their presence at remote locations.

Typically the user would have to “touch onto” a special device that contains a serial number and that would be recorded with the date and time. Then later, the data would be used to show a sequence of location names associated with those serial numbers.

We at Elite-ID developed the XL Data Wand in 1998, and then an updated version in 2003 that also read RFID devices.

What is XL-Wand?

This is the iButton only reading wand. Touch its probe onto an iButton, the wand beeps, flashed it’s led, and the serial number of the iButton is read and stored internally. They are rechargeable, 13 week run time, recharge weekly for great performance.

Use XL-Unloader to sync its clock and extract data.

What is Radio Wand (Voyager Wand)?

This reads an iButton when it is touched onto one -and- it also records RFID information from Elite-ID RFID units. The wand is rechargeable, run time about 30 hours on a new charged batter, recharge daily.

Use XL-Unloader to sync its clock and extract data.

Are Wands Easy to Use?

Absolutely! Charge them up then use them. Either touch serial button with the XL Wands -or- pass by RFID devices and optionally touch serial buttons with the Radio Wands.

Emptying the data from the wand is done by touching onto an XL Unloader, then a PC program copies it to disk, and another sends it to WebEye in the cloud.

What does the Fault Led on Radio Wand Mean?

Fault will show when:

  1. The wand memory is near full, or full. Touch onto XL Unloader to empty the wand (you get early warning).
  2. The clock is not set (touch onto XL-Unloader to set the clock).
  3. The battery is low in charge. Connect to a charger (you get an hour or more early warning).

What are the Specifications of the Wands?

XL Wands. Store 4095 readings. Battery run time approx 13 weeks on a charge. Charge for at least 8 hours once a week. iButton reading only.

Voyager Radio Wand. Store 4095 readings. Battery run time approx 30 hours on a charge. Charge for at least 10 hours every day. Will read rfiD signals from PipTag and Pulsars. Can read an iButton also.

Both use an XL-Unloader to extract data and sync their clocks.

Why Do People use Wands now that AtSite is available?

Wands are extraordinarily robust. XL Wands have a huge battery life and are simple to use.

The iButton serial numbers used to affix to locations to be logged are also very cheap. If you have hundreds or thousands of locations, then Wands and iButtons can be a lot cheaper than any other system.

Do They work with WebEye?

Of course. WebEye is ideal to store, report and manage your Wand data. It has better reports than any other system.

Call Elite-ID, we’re happy to get you started.

Why is XL-Wand Glued Together?

Simple, to keep people from opening them and ‘fiddling’ with the circuitry. This means we must smash the box to open them, and so you get a new box and a nice looking wand after every repair.

I’ve opened the Radio Wand. What is the little spring?

Firstly – please don’t open them. Putting them back together the wrong way will damage them.

Secondly, it is not a spring. It is a helical antenna. If it is bent then the radio receiver will not be sensitive and not be able to receive RFID signals as well. Bending the antennas happen when the wand is dropped. Please try not to drop Radio Wand.

Why Do They charge so slowly?

Slower charging gives the best possible life of the battery.

XL-Wands take about 8 to 10 hours to charge but just once a week. These wands will run for almost 13 weeks on a new fully charged battery. Charging once a week is ideal for them.

Radio Wands take about 10 hours to charge, depending on how long they have been used. If they are nearly flat, they take longer, if only used for a shift, they are quicker to charge.

How Often should Wand Batteries be replaced?

Note. We solder batteries into these devices. They really should be returned to Elite-ID for repair. We check full functionality of Wands on battery replacement.

XL-Wand batteries have a huge life. If you charge them once a week till they are full, they will probably last 10 years or more.

Radio Wand batteries are different. They are used much much harder and will usually need replacing at 18 months to 3 year intervals. If they are charged before going flat, and charged regularly, then they will last longer.

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