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FAQ – XL-Unloader

XL-Unloader Frequently Asked Questions

Classic Wand system depend on XL-Unloader for extracting data and syncing their clocks.

What Is an XL-Unloader?

It is a small device that is used to empty Wands and store the data internally.

It has a small computer and memory that stores up to 65,535 records.

It is the only way to get data out of a Wand. It is the only way to set the clock in a wand.

It also sets the Wand clock to the date and time stored in the XL-Unloader. It is therefore critical that the XL-Unloader has the correct date and time in it. The clock in the Unloader has its own backup battery. Basic accuracy is +/-3 seconds a month at room temperature.

XL-Unloader does not have daylight saving automatic time compensation. You must set it on changes of time, then touch wands onto it to set their time.

What Does the XL-Unloader Do?

When you touch a wand onto it, it checks the wand serial number and repairs it if possible. If not it gives an error indication.

It then updates the clock in the wand. Then it extracts data out of the wand and stores it internally.

Will I lose data if I bump the wand on and off?

Absolutely not!

The way we extract data means that it is only erased from the wand, record by record, after it has been written to the XL-Unloader’s memory.

So, you can’t lose data.

The XL-Unloader is locked up/screaming? Help!

XL-Unloader may lockup with power surges or rapid on/off/on cycles.

To fix:

  1. Remove both cables from the rear of XL Unloader.
  2. Put Switch in DOWN position (when the label is on top of the box).
  3. Wait 30 seconds.
  4. Connect power cable first.
  5. The RED led should be blinking.
  6. Connect the data cable. Finished.

The XL-Unloader status led is giving multiple flashes?

It shows you the amount of memory used (records stored).

  • A single flash means 0 to 1/4 full.
  • Double flashes mean 1/4 to 1/2 full.
  • Triple flashes means 1/2 to 3/4 full.
  • Four flashes means 3/4 to being full. Empty soon please!

The XL Unloader very rapid flashes when a wand is touched onto it.

It means the serial number in the wand is invalid. You must return the wand to Elite-ID for reprogramming.

Call Elite-ID to confirm.

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