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Host Unreachable

AtSite : Host Unreachable error message

This error happens when you press login to AtSite. There will be a delay, then the message “Host Unreachable” or similar is presented. You can’t login.

The best solution is to;

  • turn off WiFi,
  • then press login again,
  • then do an Offline Login.

You can log data while the fault is being rectified elsewhere.

Advise your supervisor or I.T. department, or call Elite-ID.


  • The internet is broken between your provider and the WebEye server,
  • Some problem with your internet service provider,
  • WebEye server is down.

All these causes are unusual. We see them maybe a few times per year spread across the whole of Australia.

Notably, Telstra exchanges have caught fire, and cables were broken between cities in 2016 and 2017. Both caused this problem.

How To Tell if it is WebEye or not?

Try connecting to WebEye with your browser on a different computer and ISP connection. If that works, the problem is with your AtSite ISP.

Call Elite-ID. We are in WebEye many times a day.

Why Do You Have To Turn off WiFi to do Offline Login?

AtSite sees the internet connection is working. It can talk to your WiFi or other network, it can get everything except WebEye to talk. It thinks WebEye is broken and the “Host Unreachable” message means everything is working except the actual final connection to WebEye.

So, AtSite thinks the internet is fine and won’t offer an Offline Login. Therefore, you must turn off WiFi etc to force it to offer Offline Login.


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