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How Elite-ID Safeguards Your Data

Data Security Designed In From Day One

Since 1998, Elite-ID have designed data safety into their systems to safeguard data from accidental loss.

Our classic wand system have multiple backups and our Atsite system has similar systems in place to safeguard data.

Here is how.


This system is run in a physically secure environment with redundant power and internet. Data is backed up multiple times a day with best of industry practices.


AtSite tests all data transactions are valid at every step of its processing. In the event of a critical issue, data history is available within the logging devices. Data sent to WebEye is backed up multiple times, regularly.

Classic Wand Systems

Data in Wands is verified in memory within the wand so we know it is valid. If it does not validate, the wand does not indicate success and Radio Wand will indicate using the Fault led.

XL-Unloader and transactions to empty your Wands are all checked and verified. Extensive testing and the passage of time ensures this is a fool proof data-safe process.

All Classic Wand data uploaded to WebEye has 2 copies remaining on the sending PC, and an additional copy is sent to Elite-ID. Your data is backed up in the cloud in WebEye, retained on site and a copy sent to Elite-ID.

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