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Insight – Time On Site

Insight – Time On Site

This report is ideal for small unsupervised sites. It quickly highlights and alerts management to staffing and performance issues.

It works like this;

  • On Monday (at a configurable time) Insight loads all data for the site for the week.
  • All start and finish shift times are identified using logged data.
  • Then all data is scanned, optionally filtered, then the report is built then emailed to one or more recipients.
  • The report shows;
    • Shiuft times for each day of the week – start and finish times by using first and last logged data for the site.
    • All data by location then by date. This can be optionally filtered.

Insight is a separate subscription service run by Elite-ID on a separate server to Nexus-WebEye. This enables rapid and safe development of new reports.

Deriving Value

If you are concerned that staff are actually attending site and moving around site, this is an ideal report.

Quickly look at the shift data for the week. This takes just seconds. You will see first and last attendances for each day. This tells you someone was there, then.

If staff arrive late, or leave early, this will be easily seen. NOTE: this is based on logged data. It may take staff some minutes on site to prepare a trolley, get ready etc, before data is logged. Then at the end of shift they may need a little time to clean up before leaving.

Then you can just scan the attendance data by location. It may be a huge, or small, amount of data. It tells you staff were in fact walking around.

After a few weeks you can glance at the logged data and say “this was just like the last few” … but if not, you drill down deeper with some WebEye reports (see Location Attendance) to graphically see actual logged data.

About Logged Data

Logged Data shown may include many attendances, particularly for smaller sites with beacons located near one another. This may show as many many attendances close together and also at nearby locations seemingly attended quickly.

If staff work at the “extreme range” of a beacon, they can generate many attendances as they are sensed, then lost, then sensed again seemingly every few minutes or quicker. This is normal.

A filter can be added to remove attendances closer than a number of seconds apart – we suggest and usually set this to be “60” but can be any reasonable number.

Even with a filter, some mall locations may generate a lot of data – and external locations just a few. This is indicative of staff actually being there and moving around.


All configuration is done by Elite-ID. Options exist for;

  • Split shift. If enabled, a gap in all data of more than 2 hours splits the site into a 2nd shift for the day.
  • Filtering. This can be enabled to not show data that is too close together which happens with RF based systems when staff are working at extreme range and “login and out” to a location quickly as a result.
  • Onboarding a site. Contact Elite-ID for this. We do it all for you.
  • When the report is run. We suggest at start of day on Mondays.
  • eMail addresses to send to – please advise Elite-ID
  • PDF and CSV reports are not as yet available.


We can customize this report, generally, as required. This may be a whole new analysis or just some “tweaks” to suit a particular need.

There are other Insight analytics available. Please contact Elite-ID for more information. We are happy to customize and provide unique data analytics.

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