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Putting Wand Data into WebEye

Putting Wand Data Into WebEye

XL-Data wands and Radio wands store 4095 readings internally. Getting data out of them and sending it to the cloud for WebEye is simple and quick.


  1. Empty your wands into the Unloader.
  2. Use th PC program XL-Unloader and the Get Data Option.
  3. Use WebEye Upload to send the data into the Cloud.

Wand Data Extraction

  1. Make sure the XL-Unloader has a red flashing led. This means it is ready
  2. Touch the Wand onto the XL Unloader till the Unloader leds alternate
  3. The XL-Unloader stores 65,534 readings. You can empty many wands into an XL-Unloader
  4. Run the XL-Unloader program in your PC
  5. Press the Query button. Use Set Clock if the PC warns you that the clocks are different
  6. Press Get Data to extract data from the Unloader and store it in the PC
  7. Press Delete when finished. This erases the memory chips in the unloader
  8. Use the WebEye_Upload program to send the data from the PC into WebEye in the cloud.

** The internet must be available to the PC for WebEye_Upload to work.

** A copy of your data is kept in the PC.

If Your Unloader is locked Up

You must have a red flashing led to use XL-Unloader. If the leds are permanently stuck on, or the box is screaming, it is locked up.

Please use this article to fix the problem.


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