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Wand Reset

Wand Reset

Voyager Radio Wand remembers when it has been reset. This is shown on the PC screen after the unloader box is emptied. Radio Wand remembers every time the software in the wand restarts. We call this restart a ‘wand reset’ which will later be shown on the PC screen. Wand Reset is not necessarily an indication of fault. Rather, it is the number of them that matters.

What Causes Wand Reset? There are a few reasons:

  • If a wand is flat, when it powers up it will generate this reset signal.
  • If the wand is going flat, very close to flat, it may well generate a few reset signals as the battery is failing.
  • If the Watchdog is faulty – it will reset the wand continuously, eventually filling the wand with reset signals.
  • If a software check of the wand fails, it will reset itself.
  • If the probe is shorted out for 10 seconds, it will reset itself. This is a diagnostic. It tests the watchdog.

Should I Send The Wand For Repair? If there are only a few resets for a wand, then NO (it just means the wand went flat a few times). If there are a dozen or so it is borderline. If there are hundreds then yes, the wand is faulty for some reason. Usually it means there is water in the wand, or sweat based condensation, or the watchdog circuit is broken.

What Is The Watchdog? This is a small circuit in the wand that must be constantly and regularly cleared by the wand software. If the wand software fails for any reason, the watchdog won’t be cleared. It will then shut down the power supply in the wand and reset it. It is meant to make sure the wand software is always working.


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