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EliteReporter Windows 10

Installing EliteReporter On Windows 10

EliteReporter was developed in 1998 and first sold in 1999. With probably more than a few billion data records pushed through it on thousands of installs, it has proven itself to be reliable and well behaved in a PC. Now in 2019, it is not uncommon for users needing to migrate to Windows 10 PCs as their old computers are replaced. Have no fear, it is possible to do but it does require some specialist assistance.

How Do I Copy My Old Data Base? This is probably the most important thing to do. Seriously. This is critical:

  • In some older PC’s, the folder “DB” was located in “ProgramFiles/Elite ID/EliteReporter/DB”  – you MUST copy the DB folder out of the old PC
  • In newer installs, we changed this to “C:\EliteData\db” folder. Copy this filder.
  • During the install, you must create C:\EliteData. Please copy the DB folder from the old PC into this folder.

Can’t We Just Copy The Programs And Make Them Work? No. Sorry. The EliteReporter program uses a database engine. This must be installed specially. It also uses a thing called an Alias which must also be created. It is not all that difficult- we tell you how. You just need to be careful.

Is It Difficult to Install onWindows-10? Usually not, sometimes yes! Themost common problem is not having enough priveliges (not being an administrator).

What Problems can we Expect? There are many small things that can happen. If you takle them into account, it should go well:

  1. Make sure you have Administrator proveliges. EliteReporter MUST have read, write, delete, create priveliges for the   C:\ElteData\   folder.
  2. Follow the instructions that came with the new install disk carefully!
    1. They work. We have tested them.
    2. Do call if yo have a problem We can usually resolve it.
  3. The Unloader program needs an RS-232 serial port. The old adaptors we sold for Windows-XP seldom work well (they can be really difficult to get working). You really should update to a new USB-Serial adaptor.
  4. You must have a “Com Port Adaptor” in the serial cable. This small device adapts the signals to suit Windows-10. It is highlylikely you alreayd had one previously – make sure you don’t throw it out.

Why Won’t The Old Install Disk Work? The original installation disk is 32 bit. It will not install on a 64bit computer as all modern PCs are.

Will It Install on An Apple Computer? Yes. We have seen a client install a Windows emulator on Apple then successfully run EliteReporter.




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