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EliteReporter PC Database

EliteReporter PC Database

Developed in 1998 and still in use 20+ years later, this PC based program is used for databasing data from Elite-ID Wand Systems. EliteReporter is a PC Database system – meaning it stores and allows reporting on data it manages. The data is from the Elite-ID Wand Systems – which is basically staff time-attendance data. This is used to check staff performance, for public liability and proof of labour delivered (work done).

Now, since 2009 – Nexus-WebEye is highly recommended as it has more and better reports – and many other features making it a better solution.

Moving your data storage and reporting to Nexus-WebEye is fully described HERE.

A Backup Service

Send us your EliteReporter databases. We will store them for you. If you have a need for the data we can send you the data back or run reports for you. We do this for our valued clients.

Cost for this is minimal, often only the cost of express post and a USB stick. We do not charge for the actual storage of data.

When EliteReporter Is Still Recommended

If you cannot get access to the internet, then EliteReporter is probably your best option. It runs totally in the PC and does not depend on any internet access.

However, please bear these considerations in mind:

  • Backup your data. Computer viruses, malware, ransom-ware can all destroy your data.
  • Reports cannot be scheduled.
  • External access is not easily possible (and if no internet, impossible).
  • The reports in EilteReporter are not as advanced as in WebEye.
  • EliteReporter will be a cheaper system to run for many Wands.
  • It does require a little more site user effort.

Basic System Architecture

EliteReporter is an executable program for Windows. It uses the Boland Database Engine. This database engine is responsible for performing all database manipulation type functions. EliteReporter presents the user interface and generates reports etc.

Data flow in the system has been designed for excellent redundancy and fail-restore capability. This is built in and a key feature of the system.

The Elite-ID Wand system and EliteReporter work like this:

  1. Staff carrying Wands record data about their attendances.
  2. The data is extracted from the Wand into an XL Unloader box.
  3. A PC program called XL-Unloader extracts data from the Unloader box. It is put into a plain text file on the PC hard disk.
  4. In EliteReporter this daa is “imported” into the database that EliteReporter manages.
  5. Data is stored by the month and EliteReporter can generate reports by month (not crossing months)

Reliability And Limits

EliteReporter has proven over 2 decades to be remarkably reliable. It has handled probably billions of records and its failures modes have always been traced back to PC problems. See later.

The biggest issue is PC resets and power failures. These can cause a broken database. We supply tools to fix most issues and can fix others if required. Worst case, a month (or more) data can be deleted and then rebuilt without loss of data. This is where data redundancy helps.

Data is stored by the month with a limit of 128 megabytes of binary encoded compressed data per month. This relates to many many millions of records per month. We have never seen this limit broken.

Wand, buttons, centers and locations can all be 65,000 or more each – so again this limitation is not an issue.

For reporting, the biggest issue has always been that data is stored by the month and a report cannot cross month boundaries (Nexus-WebEye removes this issue).

Since data sits in a PC, it MUST be backed up. It also cannot easily be accessed by users external from the PC – there is no web sharing of the data in EliteReporter.

Known Problems

All databses share these same issues:

  • Resetting the PC when Elite-Reporter is open can break a data file.
  • Power failures can break a data file.

The solution to these is to always have a backuip copy of your database. Also and if possible, ensure the PC is operated from a UPS if power failures are common.

Comparison To Nexus-WebEye

Nexus-WebEye has been developed extensively since 2009.

These are the main benefits of WebEye over EliteReporter. Benefits of WebEye:

  • Web based, data accessible from any browser. Authorized staff anywhere can use your data.
  • Data is managed in a data center and backed up so not liable to loss from PC malfunction.
  • WebEye has automatic “in the future” report generation options – delivering reports via email and in PDF or HTML as selected.
  • Reports can be run through month boundaries.
  • Much more powerful reporting. More in-depth reports. Better visualizations.
  • Many more functions – map display, Events, email support, exception reports – many things.

Can Data Be Migrated to WebEye?

Yes. Absolutely. Many companies have done this. It provides better security and safety from malware on a PC. The enhanced reports in WebEye can be very useful.

HERE is an article on doing this.

We need a few things:

  • A copy of your database folder.
  • A copy of your unloads. These are the raw text files. Uusually they will be located in C:\EliteData\UnloadedDdata. Send that folder and all sub-folders.

We can code WebEye for you, import all your old data, and then provide access for all your staff. You get to keep your historical data safe in WebEye. Staff anywhere can upload data and it becomes available to authorized users.

If you want to start “from fresh and empty’ – we can do that as well. It is actually easier.

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