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Actioning Your Data

Data Is Valuable. Collect, Store, Analyze, Use

Managing Data means more than just collecting and storing it. You must actually use the data to understand what is happening with your staff. From this, effective management is possible.

The key message we give our users is, “Use WebEye to manage your data. If you have the data, you can use it to manage your sites, reduce risk, and protect yourself in the event of litigation or contractual issues.”

We have many other articles in this knowledge base about measurement, performance, and reporting.

Do This First

If you have a number of sites you are monitoring the staff at, we strongly recommend you ensure data is uploaded regularly. This will protect you from the effect of equiment malfunctions, equipment going missing, staff not doing their job.

Seriously. There is nothing worse than setting a site up then something stops data from being uploaded and no one tells you. We have developed systems to take this into account.

To do this, you can use the ‘Insufficient Data‘ option. With this, every day WebEye checks that data has been uploaded for a site. If not then it will send you and email.

For AtSite sites, use ‘Insufficient Logins‘ option. This is perfect for remote unsupervised sites. It will email you if not enough staff login. It will tell you that staff didn;t arrive on site (or start using AtSite) whent they should.

Next. Schedule a Location Attendance report to be sent regularly. This will give you a very good indicaiton of how the site is actually going.

Real Time Data Capture Gives New Advantages

AtSite uploads data to the internet when it is available. As mentiuoned, being notified that data is not being uploaded when it should is a great feature.

There are other things you can do also. Here are some useful options;

  • If staff don’t login on site when required, the “Insufficient Logins” option will advise you with an email.
    • This is a great option. If you need, for example, 5 staff to login on site and only 4 do, you’ll get an email.
  • If staff login, but don’t log a beacon or beacons, the Location Analysis option for Hit Analysis can email a list of locations not meeting your requirements.
    • This is an even better option. It ensures your staff have done more than login – they are actually logging data.

Ideal For Remote Sites

For remote unsupervised staff, these are great options. There is nothing worse than finding out long after the fact that data is not available.

WebEye has options to give management the ability to know what is happening, by exception, with their sites. It becomes easy to supervise remote staff and ensure a level of service is provided.

You Can Do More Detailed Data Analysis – Easily – Automatically

The range of reports in WebEye can be a little daunting at first glance. They do give you a LOT of options.

  • Location Attendance report gives you a quick graphical picture of your data.
    • A picture like this makes it super easy to see what is happening.
    • Large gaps mean no one was at a location for a longer time.
    • Late start, early finish, not covering for meal breaks all become obvious.
    • Triangles on the report are ‘Events’ – you can see what is happening and where.
  • Location Analysis report will report by exception and can use multiple analysis options
    • Advanced Return time, Coverage, Hit Analysis – and you have the options of specifying the largest gap between attendances making these methods the most powerful available anywhere.
    • Report by exception. Only be notified when there is a problem.
  • Center Visits report is ideal for in-depth analysis of data. You can see every attendance, precisely, where and when it happened.
    • Drill down by date,time of data, who was logging data, where it happened.
    • Ideal for detailed analysis.


Data in the modern age
Data is a valuable resource

Elite-ID with AtSite and WebEye make it easy

The Location Analysis report can email a list of locations not meeting your criteria and you can then take action accordingly. Return Time and Gap Analysis reports are excellent for this. Hit Analysis report can tell you which locations are not being attended.

The graphical Location Attendance report gives an insight into performance at a glance. No other report can as quickly and easily show you your data.

The Risk Management report produces a simple average attendance time making it easy to measure and compare.


Actioning Also Means Finding Out When There is NOT enough data

We are regularly asked, “Why is my site showing some poor locations” -or- “There is no data for my site.”

Usually the message suggests the system doesn’t work. Since we’ve been selling and supporting our systems since 1998 we are extremely confident in them, and we’ve seen just about every problem possible that will reduce your data.

The Biggest Problem we see is staff not telling manegement there is a problem. For example, if they lose their login credentials, or a device is broken or lost, or they run out of Atsite credit, or the internet is down… the list goes on. All they need to is TELL someone.

We are here also – we can resolve many problems instantly with just a phone call.

Staff Not Attending locations as required – This is a common cause, but sometimes it is the placement of logging equipment that may be at fault. Are Beacons placed appropriately? Have their ranges been set adequately?

Then again, it may be a staff training issue.

Example; If an entrance must be attended, and the system is setup to detect that, if staff don’t approach properly then they will not get the attendance logged. It may be understandable; why attend the entrance if it is clean and dry? We see this often. The problem is that the electronic logging shows poor attendance. You should either move the logging equipment (Beacon or PipTag) and/or instruct staff to patrol as required.

The Equipment Is Not Available – this happens when the equipment is kept in a locked room and they key is not available. Staff can’t collect their loggers, hence no data. It happens!

Batteries going flat – As devices age, their batteries become weaker. Staff need to occasionally check their logging devices are charged and working. It is not difficult. Just a glance every now and then will tell them if they have a problem.

Wands Faulty – Radio wands were introduced in 2003. They requite maintenance every 2 to 4 years to replace batteries and to check their radios. They must be carried in a pouch and not dropped in water.

Not Uploading Data – For our older Wand Systems, this is a common problem. Staff forget to upload data from their site into WebEye. For AtSite systems it generally means the Internet is not working to the device, or the user is not logging in.

The Insufficient Data notifications option in WebEye is great for detecting this.

No Internet on site – If data can’t be uploaded into WebEye, it can’t be reported on. Also, AtSite users can’t login if the internet is not available (but they can do an Offline Login). Check and work with site staff to correct this problem (ie did someone change the WiFi password – for example).

AtSite & Not Logging in – If staff forget to login and ‘Begin Logging’ (for Apple) then the system won’t log data. Staff must be trained to do this.

Managing Data means you are able to manage staff and get ahead of problems.

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