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Location Analysis Report

Location Analysis Report

This report was developed to suit in-dept analysis of your staff attendance data in a number of different ways. It also has an ‘exception’ method that will only show when your attendances don’t match your targets.

The three reporting options make it widely useful.

In summary;

  • Hit Analysis – This looks at the number of attendances recorded and checks if they fall in the time profile setup. The target is a simple number of attendances. This is ideal for mobile security patrols, for security door checks at shopping centers, for machine inspection and maintenance checks and similar. This is an ideal report for any application where a simple count of attendances is required to be met.
  • Return Time -This calculation method calculates the actual return time. It also allows a maximum gap between attendances to be used to test if a location is compliiant or not. This report option is great to check cleaning rounds in shopping centers. You can specify the required return time and you can specify the maximum gap between attendanes. In this way you get the best of all worlds in measuring staff attendances.
  • Gap Analysis – This calculates the amout of time you meet your target performance and then shows that as a percentage. If you get 100% it means that for 100% of the time you met target.

Deriving Benefit

We believe this report will suit;

  • Retail Cleaning – Return Time. Set the target performance, set the times you want to check, then set the maximum gap between attendances. The report will show you were you were not compliant.
  • Mobile security patrols – Hit Analysis. This will find locations that are not attended as required. You contract for “x” attendances a niught between 18:00 and 06:00 for example. Set “3” in the time profile performances, setup the time range, tick the “24 hour” check box and it will find any shifts were you did not meet target.
  • Shopping Center Door Checks – Hit Anaysis. Door checks usually happen after the end of trade. Security checks if doors are locked and also checks if anyone is still on the property. This option will find those locations that were not attended.
  • Retail Cleaning – Gap Analysis. For an in-depth anaysis of how retail cleraning is meeting goals, this option cannot be beaten. Produced is a precise and excellent indicator of risk. The lower the compliance figure, the poorer the performance is, the higher the risk will be.

For More Information

There are many articles on this extensive report. However the Overview – is a excellent summary well worth reading.

Here is a How To guide for this report – again – well worth reading.


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