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WebEye API System Intro

Nexus-WebEye Now Allows API Access

What this means is that external programs can download data from WebEye as and when required. If your company has a management system, it is easily possible this data can be included into your reporting system.

For example,

  • Excel users can download results showing all calculated values about performance at your sites
  • Users of “Power BI” and other information management systems can download results informaiton and integrate that into their own busioness systems, easily.
  • Power users can build dashboards to get real time information about staff attendances

What Is Available?

APIs are now available to download;

  • A list of centres and the meta data about them (state, size, tags)
  • All the meta data about the locations at those centres
  • Historical data – all the attendance data
  • Real time (“today”) data as it happens
  • Pre-calculated results – return time, compliance data, all the metrics we extract from your data. We call this “PerfEx” for Performance Explorer

Why Do I want It?

Manage your data better to suit your own internal processes. You can directly load cleaning performance data into your own systems.

Build your own reports external to WebEye and create a point of difference with your organization.

Integrating WebEye data into company reports highlights operation effectiveness and also exposure to risk through non contractual compliance and slip and trip litigation.

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