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WebEye Reports – Summary

WebEye Reports Summary

With 20 reports (and more coming) – WebEye offers so many insights into your staff tracking data and management of your system that it can become confusing. This summary of the reports is meant to help you in your choice of whatreport(s) to use and when.

Suggestion – Risk Management, Location Attendance, Centre Visits – these reports are the most popular and useful for quick understanding si9te performance.

AtSite Expiry

  • This shows which AtSite subscriptions are about to expire in a number of days – or all licenses.
  • Schedule this report regularly (monthly) to tell you which AtSite subscriptions are about to expire.

AtSite Hits

  • Show atendances by user over a date range.
  • Useful to compare atSite users.

AtSite Hours On Site

  • Show the number of hours on site by AtSite users. Filtering by Centre, User, Job function available.
  • Find out what labour was spent on a site in a date range.

AtSite Login/Logout

  • Show what users logged in and out to AtSite.
  • Useful to check what is happening on site.

Beacon Battery

  • Show the battery percentage as reported by Beacons.
  • Run regularly to determine which batteries need replacement.

Centre Alerts

  • Show pass/fail on locations over a date range.
  • Attendances checked against a target.

Centre Audit

  • Show the names of all locations, the serials assigned, and the date of assignment.
  • Useful to get a list of locations where beacons are placed.

Centre Visits

  • Show every attendance. This incldes locins, logouts and repeats. Show date, time, the cente and the location names. Show elapsed time since last attended.
  • Useful to deep-investigate data.


  • Report on the checklists that have been filled out by AtSite users.
  • Used to show what checklists have been done.


  • Calculate what percentage of the time attendances meet compliance targets.
  • A true calculation of how well your staff are meeting target.

Event Reporter

  • Show Event data.
  • Filtering and selection options to quickly show data.

Event Stats

  • Calculate the reletive frequency of events. Uses the ‘SPA’ (Site Patrol Area) to calculate statistics about events.
  • Ideal for comparing sites.

Location Analysis

  • High power analysis of dats by 3 techniques to show performance.
  • Reports can be All or exception only.
  • Ideal for in-depth reporting.

Location Attendance

  • A graphical report. Shows attendances as a coloured spot and Events as a coloured triangle. See data insights at a glance.
  • The BEST report to get a quick picture of what’s happening on site.


  • Show a map of the site. Overlay with the last data logged and time since a previous to that logging.
  • Ideal for a quick picture of attendances. Ideal to show what happened at a date and a time – a snapshot.

Risk Management

  • Calculate the number of minutes between attendances at a location, on average.
  • Uses a time profile to set attendance hours.
  • Ideal for a quick check on performance.

Rotation Compliance

  • Show a list of locations that do not meet a set rotation compliance required.
  • Good to show when rotations were not met.

Service Delivery

  • Legacy Wand System. Show the number of hours on site.
  • Useful to see hours spent on site.

Wand Hits

  • For legacy wand systems. Show attendances by Wand User
  • Ideal to compare wands, to show what happened.

Wand Visits

  • For legacy wand systems. Show attendances by location.
  • Ideal to compare wands, to show what happened.

Suggested Usage Scenarios

First Use Of The System

  • Log data for a period of time.
  • Use Location Attendance report to see a graphical picture of attendances.
  • Use Risk management (after a full day) to show average return time.
  • Use Centre Visits on one locaiton or all to show exactly what happened.

A quick check of your data.

  • Use Risk Management to get a quick idea of what’s happening.
  • Use Location Attendance to see the data in the easiest possible way.

Investigate after an incident

  • Identify the nearest logged locations.
  • Use Location Attendance to show attendances for the day, and for a few dayts previously.
  • Use Location Attendance on the nearest location over a date range to show staff diligence.
  • Use Centre visits report over a restricted time range (before the incident) to show attendances.

Management Top Level Overview

  • A quick random Location attendance Report to show what is happening.
  • Risk Management for a simple easy to understand analysis.
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