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What Happens with a Full Wand

Full Wand – It Stops Taking New Data

It is simple. A full Wand stops taking new data. It is as simple as that. XL-Data wands and Radio Wands store 4095 readings in their internal memory. XL-Wand double beeps when full, Radio Wand lights the Fault led when full.

Touching the Wand onto XL-Unloader for about 1 second will remove about 16 records from the wand. Keep the wand connected to empty it.

Is There Early Warning?

Yes there is.

XL-Wand will beep 2 times on a nearly full wand (256 free records remaining, and when full). So if double beeping – empty the wand asap.

Radio Wand will flicker the Fault led when full, also if nearly full.

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