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XL-Data Wand User Guide

XL-Wand Care

XL-Data Wands are robust and simple to care for. There are few modern devices that are as robust and asy to use and care for.

  • Charge XL-Wand for approx 10 hours once a week. Led on rear of wand indicates charging.
  • Carry XL-Wand always in its pouch.
  • Wand is not waterproof, do not get it wet.
  • Clean the probe to ensure good contact with XL-Unloader and iButtons is made.
  • Do Not carry XL-Wand in a pocket. Sweat and condensation will get into the wand and cause corrosion.

If you can adhere to these conditions, the life of XL Wand will be many years.

Data Led & Beeper

The Led lights when

  • Reading an iButton
  • Beeper sounds when reading an iButton
  • 2 Beeps indicate iButton lockout (to soon to read again) or memory full
  • Emptying the wand into an XL-Unloader frees up space and sync its real time clock

Check Operation

  • Short out probe inner-to-outer. After 1 second Led will light and beeper sound
  • Touch onto an XL-Unloader to sync clock and to empty its memory


  • Internal storage – 4095 records
  • Indicators -Top red led. Long flash for successful iButton read. 2 flashes for lockout
  • Indicator – Rear Red led – on charge.
  • Charging – 2.5mm centre positive 9 volt DC. Less than 50mA
  • Charge time – weekly – approx 10 hours
  • Real time clock accuracy – approx 3 seconds per day at 20 degrees C
  • Fully charged battery run time – approx 13 weeks
  • Battery technology – NiMh (Nickel Metal Hydride). No lithium!
  • Data extraction & clock sync – via XL-Memory Unloader
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