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Radio Wand User Guide

Radio Wand Care

Radio Wand required charging for approx 10 hours per day. The led on rear of wand indicates charging.

Carry Radio Wand always in its pouch.

Wand is not waterproof, do not get it wet.

Clean the probe to ensure good contact with XL-Unloader and iButtons is made.

Do Not carry Radio wand in a pocket. Sweat and condensation will get into the wand and cause corrosion.

Try not to drop Radio Wand. The antenna and or other electronics internally will be damaged.

Data Led

This lights when

  • Long Flash : The First signal from a new Elite-ID RFID device is received. This is a Log-In to that device
  • Short Flash : Still in the zone of an already recognized RFID device
  • Long Flash : No signal received from an Elite-ID RFID device. A Log-out from a known device
  • Long Flash : Reading an iButton
  • Short flash : Emptying the wand into an XL-Unloader

Fault Led

This lights because;

  • Memory is full – touch Radio Wand onto an XL-Unloader to empty
  • Clock Not Set – touch onto XL-Unloader to sync the clock
  • Battery is low – put onto charge
  • Super slow long flash – internal fault. Call Elite-ID

Check Operation

  • Short out probe inner-to-outer. Fault led will flash.
  • Approach Elite-ID RFID device. Data Led will flash.
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