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Radio Wand Fault Led

Radio Wand Fault Led

Radio Wand Fault Led has 3 functions indicated by this led. If any of these happen, the Fault Led will flash.

Memory Full – The Wand stores 4095 readings. When it is nearly full the Fault led will flash. Please touch the Wand onto an XL-Unloader to empty some data from the Wand. If it continues to flash, it may need to be charged.

Battery Low – Put the Wand on charge. If the fault led does not stop flashing fairly soon, touch it onto an XL-Unloader (it may be a clock or memory full fault).

Clock Not Set – The real time clock will stop when the Wand is flat. The fault led will flash as a result. Touch the Wand onto an XL-Unloader to set its clock again. If it continues to flash, try emptying the Wand (it may be full) -or- put it onto charge.

** The XL-Unloader must have a valid good date and time loaded into it.

Why Does The Fault Led Not Clear?

If the battery is very flat. Keep it on charge for longer.

If the clock is not set (because the Wand was flat) – then it must be touched onto an XL-Unloader. This will reset the clock only if the XL-Unloader has a valid clock date and time.

If The Wand memory was Full. Recharging won’t clear the fault. You must touch the Wand onto an XL-Unloader for longer to empty the Wand.

Your XL-Unloader is full or its clock is not set. If your XL-Unloader has either of these problems, it cannot clear a Wand fault.

  • Connect the XL-Unloader to your PC
  • Press “Set Clock” button, then “Ok”
  • Press “Get Data” button then wait for it to empty. Delete at the end.
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